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Umya Nutrients is a proudly South African company of dedicated staff with an insatiable passion for plants and a true love for the land that nourishes us.

From experience with some of the largest and most diverse plant nutrient portfolios, we’ve brought together the best in agronomy and product formulation to produce one of the most complete plant nutrient solutions for unlocking your crop’s full potential.

Our Story

UMYA (Xhosa); meaning – native hemp plant; cannabis sativa. 

What started as a hobby, quickly became a passion as this plant worked its healing powers on us. The effects of this plant were therapeutic and profound and ultimately lead to the creation of UMYA NUTRIENTS. A Cannabis Inspired Nutrient Company.

Umya Nutrients was founded by brothers Damian & Ryan Stenzel, our humble start to gardening developed into a passion for cultivating cannabis. After using a wide variety of fertilizer products available, we found that the South African market lacked affordable, effective, and easy to use products designed specifically for purpose.  Returning to Damian’s school project on the use of humic and fulvic acids in fertilizer we applied old sample products and achieved our best results yet. 

This was all the inspiration needed to start Umya Nutrients, a cannabis inspired plant nutrient company. We partnered with an expert and long-time fertilizer manufacturer with the mission to Think Different, Be Different and Grow Different. 

We wanted a range of products that would be easy to use and deliver the best results at the most affordable price and thus the “Pot” range was born. With further research and drawing upon available data about plant and crop cultivation, additional products were included to develop a program of solutions for every stage of cultivating a variety of crops including cannabis & hemp. 

From home growers & gardeners to commercial cultivators, farmers, and industry we strive to offer, effective, affordable, sustainable South African products and “high”, quality service.   

Our Mission

Help our clients achieve their best results by sharing our understanding of environmental & plant processes, providing a complete, holistic program of solutions and always taking care of natural resources and the environment. 

Our Vision

Be a South African benchmark in specialised and sustainable Agri-tech solutions which are environmentally friendly, improve crop quality and positively contribute towards the responsible use of natural resources.

Our Values

“Think Different, Be Different, Grow Different.”

Think Different & Cultivate

Insightfulness – we are passionately curious and cultivate an open-minded approach to learning, improving and problem solving. 

Cultivation is our passion and remains at the centre of all that we do.

Be Different & Innovate

Transparency – we strive to always be honest and accountable for the quality of our products as well as the knowledge which we share.

Through transparent communications and relations, we collaborate and innovate.

Grow Different & Rehabilitate

Commitment – we are committed to you, your plants, and the environment. Growing together to inspire and impact lives.

Keeping our focus on the future, we seek and implement new sustainable solutions to rehabilitate past damages. 

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Think different, Be different, Grow Different.

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