Pot Radix

Pot Radix

Pot Radix is a base nutrient for root development.


Give your plants the best start to life. Pot Radix helps plants establish and grow healthy roots, laying a solid foundation for the plant’s transition into the vegetative stage.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

125g, 500g

  • Dilute 1g per 1 Litre / see feeding chart for guide.
N 8%
P 3%
K 10%
Ca 14.8%
Mg 0.3%
S 3.1%
Zn 0.07%
Fe 0.06%
Cu 0.03%
Mn 0.06%
B 0.03%
Mo 0.003%
Si 0.96%
Fulvic acid 0.75%
Kelp 0.5%
Glucose 4%